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1. What is the course delivery/engagement model?

Oide Technology in Education’s online courses are flexible, online, self-guided courses, available 24/7 while the course is open (between the course dates). There are no ‘live’ elements requiring participants to be online at a certain time.

Some courses release modules after prior content/activities are completed, week by week or after a certain time period elapses. For most courses, all content is available once the course opens. When closed, the course content is no longer available.

Most term-time courses are unmoderated, with FAQs available as a support. An e-tutor is attached to some courses, providing varying levels of online support, moderation and assessment/grading depending on the specific course’s completion requirements.

2. What are the technical requirements for course access?

To access any course, you need:

  • a suitable device,
  • an up to date Internet browser and
  • a good broadband connection.

Please also check the course details for any additional, course-specific technical requirements.

3. What is a suitable device for course access?

We recommend a laptop, desktop and/or tablet* to complete your course. For a good user experience, please do not complete a course on a smartphone.

*Most tablet devices work well with our course software but some older devices may not be
compatible. Some courses have specific device requirements because of their subject matter. See the course details for any special requirements.

4. What internet browser can I use?

We recommend you use the latest version of Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

5. How is my enrolment confirmed?

Enrolees receive an automatic enrolment confirmation email and an onscreen enrolment confirmation message.

Check your spam if you cannot see your enrolment confirmation email in your inbox.

6. Why is my course not visible on my dashboard?

If courses are closed, they disappear from your view and it may appear as if you are not enrolled in any courses. This is usually the case with summer courses for primary teachers in particular. In this case, please log back in after the course start date to access your course.

7. I want to unenrol/I enrolled accidentally. What do I do?

Your enrolment confirmation email provides information on how and when participants can be unenrolled from different courses.

With a few exceptions, participants can generally unenrol from term-time courses as long as they have not commenced it. Please email with “Unenrol me” in the subject line and add the title of the course from which you wish to unenrol.

8. How do I change some details in my Scoilnet account? 

Sign in to Scoilnet Account Management and click on ‘My Account’ to view, amend or edit details. You can also change the password to something more memorable.

9. How do I get help with my course? 

If a tutor is assigned to your course, contact details are provided in the Course Announcements (within the course area and sent by email).

Otherwise, additional FAQs related to your course engagement and completion are available once you login to your online courses dashboard.

Having first checked the FAQs, you can email if you are still stuck and have no e-tutor to contact.

10. Do I get a certificate?

View the course details to find out if a certificate is available. A certificate of completion is available for most courses.

You can access issued certificates for a period after the course has concluded by logging back in to the online courses dashboard. You will find it in your Profile>Miscellaneous>Certificates.

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