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Course dates

24-05-24 to 23-05-25

Study time

1.5 hours

Target audience

All (post-primary) teachers



This course provides an introduction to how digital portfolios can be used in the classroom to enhance teaching, learning and assessment.

It looks at the benefits, features and purpose of digital portfolio systems and shows examples of how teachers in Ireland are using them. It will introduce you to the digital portfolio process that underpins their use and show you how they can be used for formative and summative assessment.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe how digital portfolios can be used in teaching and learning
  • Describe the storage, workspace and showcase functions of digital portfolios
  • Outline the benefits of using digital portfolios for teaching, learning and assessment
  • Identify the stages in the digital portfolio process model
  • Describe how digital portfolios can be used to support formative and summative assessment
  • Explain the consequences of introducing digital portfolios for the role of the teachers and students.

Course Content

The course content includes:

  • An introduction to digital portfolios for teachers
  • Descriptions of the benefits and functions of digital portfolios
  • An outline of the digital portfolio process model
  • Videos demonstrating how teachers in Ireland are using digital portfolios to enhance teaching, learning, and assessment
  • An overview of how digital portfolios impact on the role of teachers and pupils.


Technical Requirements: A good broadband internet connection and a laptop, desktop pc or tablet (with the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari installed).


A course certificate is provided upon completion of this course.

You may be able to consider this course for Croke Park hours, subject to school management approval, particularly in relation to up to ten ‘Croke Park’ hours that may be allowed for potential individual/small group use (Circular 0042/2016 Primary and Circular 045/2016 Post Primary).

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