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4th February 2022

Advice on upgrading computers from Windows 7 to Windows 10 or a supported operating system

We’ve attached a short guideline (see link below) on upgrading computers from Win 7 to a supported Operating System, (Win 10 or Chrome OS). As Microsoft has stated that it will no longer provide security or other updates for Win 7, we recommend that schools who wish to remain using ‘Windows’ OS upgrade their Win 7 computers to Win 10. However the good news is that Microsoft is still allowing the upgrade to be completed for free on existing Win 7 computers, without schools having to purchase an additional Win 10 licence.

We’ve tried it recently on an old 9 year old slow Windows 7 computer, and though it took well over an hour to complete, it worked fine, and the computer is now working much faster ! As this option may not be available in the future, it makes sense for schools to do the upgrade as soon as possible.

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