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Using tablets to support active learning in Business Studies

Using tablets to support active learning in Business Studies

Video Overview

A Business teacher explains how they use ICT in their class. The lesson was focused on marketing and designing advertisements. The class used tablets and stop motion to create their own advertisements. The class then uploaded their work to Imagine Learning Systems for assessment.


Business studies teacher discusses how he uses technology with his first year class. Pupils use Lego Movie Maker on tablets to make stop motion advertisements. Pupils work in groups and submit their videos to the teacher for assessment. Teacher uses self made rubrics to make sure the students are hitting the correct criteria. Pupils are building their creative skills while also learning the curriculum. Teacher discusses how he completes the activity before presenting it to the class to insure the equipment works. Resources are uploaded online for pupils to view if absent.

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Video tutorials

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Digital Learning Framework

This video supports the following statements of the Digital Learning Framework (DLF):

Teaching & Learning (1. Learner Outcomes)

  • 1.1 Pupils use appropriate digital technologies to foster active, creative and critical engagement in attaining challenging learning outcomes.

Teaching & Learning (2. Learner Experiences)

  • 2.1 Pupils engage purposefully in meaningful learning activities
    Pupils use digital technologies for sourcing, exchanging of information to develop understanding and support basic knowledge creation.

Visit DL Planning to explore what other areas of the DLF are supported in this video, and to help you to plan for digital learning in your class.

Teaching & Learning, Post-primary, Assessment/Assessment Tools, Collaboration, Content Creation, Digital Video, Online Resources, Planning/Digital Learning Framework

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