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AI for Schools Video Series page

Find out the latest about AI in an educational context by watching our AI for schools video series. It includes inputs from our colleagues on effective uses of AI in an educational setting, as well as experts from the Adapt Centre and other expert bodies in relation to AI.

Accessibility tips: Turn captions on or off with the CC button. Access a transcript by selecting Transcript in the video playbar.

João Camargo, a DCU PhD student in AI and member of the Adapt Centre, describes key considerations for teachers using AI and the importance of their input in choosing and adapting AI generated content.

Watch video of João Camargo.

Professor Benjamin Cowan, UCD and member of the Adapt Centre, provides an overview of the current landscape relating to AI and how it is important that humans are at the centre of AI developments, and shape it into the future.

Watch video of Benjamin Cowan.

Professor Colin de la Higuera from Nantes University and Unesco chair of AI, provides guidance on the use of AI in education, how students are already using it and some strategies for teachers and schools.

Watch video of Colin de la Higuera.

Stephen Conmy, Trinity College Dublin, and member of the Adapt Centre, provides an introduction to AI, its benefits to society and to education and potential risks and outlines why it is important to put guardrails around its use.

Watch video of Stephen Conmy.

Niall Larkin, Oide, describes effective practices in AI use at primary level, including the use of AI to differentiate material and support EAL pupils. AI use for planning lessons is also discussed.

Watch ‘AI in Primary schools’ video.

Shelly Nerney, Oide, describes effective uses of generative AI in post primary schools, including the creation of ‘custom gpts’ and the use of AI for creating rubrics. Shelly also stresses the importance of planning for AI use.

Watch ‘AI in Post Primary schools’ video.

Shelly Nerney, Oide, describes the 5 considerations recommended to schools when choosing to use AI tools for learning. These are 1. Ethical Use; 2. Evidence of Impact; 3. Accuracy of Output; 4. Policy and Guidelines and 5. Bias.

Watch ‘5 Considerations for AI use’ video

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