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Artificial Intelligence in Schools

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? What are the considerations for the use of AI in primary and post primary schools? How do I link AI with the DL planning process? 

This section of our website deals with many of these questions and signposts relevant resources we have created and curated for schools. 

AI for Schools – New Oide Technology in Education Online Course

Opening 13th May, 2024, this introductory online course provides teachers and school leaders with an understanding of AI. It explores the considerations for schools in using AI for educational purposes, including its potential benefits, limitations and ethical considerations.  

AI for Schools – Video Series

A series of interviews with experts on the topic of AI in the Irish and European education context, including inputs from members of the Adapt Centre, as well as contributors from European projects, such as AI4T. 

Professor Benjamin Cowan from the Adapt Centre and University College Dublin, discusses the current landscape in relation to AI, its future and how we, as humans, can and must shape it.

Watch video interview with Benjamin Cowan.

Niall Larkin, Senior Leader Digital Technologies Primary in Oide, describes how primary schools are already engaging with AI and the importance of planning for AI use.

Watch video interview with Niall Larkin.

AI & Online Safety – Webwise AI Hub

The Webwise AI Hub provides information and resources on artificial intelligence, its benefits, as well as the current limitations and concerns. 

It also signposts key resources, including lessons incorporating AI. 

Webwise AI hub image

AI4T European Project 2021-2024

AI4T AI for Teachers

The ‘Artificial Intelligence for and by Teachers’ (AI4T) project was an Erasmus+ funded initiative exploring the incorporation of AI into educational experiences.

Oide Technology in Education has been a key member of this project. The AI4T webpage contains more information and resources.

AI Webinar for Post-Primary Teachers

This recorded webinar from our Digital Technologies team is for post-primary teachers and aims to demonstrate what AI is, as well as providing guidance on the use of Generative AI for educational purposes.

Watch the AI for Post Primary Teachers webinar.

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