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Leading Digital Learning – a new online course

15th September 2023

Oide Technology in Education is pleased to announce ‘Leading Digital Learning’: a new online course. 

This course targets school leaders involved in leading digital learning in their school as well as all members of a school’s digital learning team. You will also find this course is of interest if you have a position of responsibility for Digital Technologies or are aspiring towards such a role.

The course takes four hours to complete all five modules in full. You may prefer to engage with selected modules only, depending on your individual learning needs, interests and responsibilities. For example, some will want to brush up on digital technology infrastructure. Others will be more interested in the module on embedding digital technologies in classroom practice.  

You can get a taster of the course with this short video.

Leading digital learning using Croke Park hours

If you are a Principal, why not consider supporting your staff in engaging with the course for individual professional learning during Croke Park hours? Those who complete the course in full receive a certificate so—should it be a concern—proof of engagement is a straightforward matter.  

Leading digital learning using informal learning opportunities

For more informal learning or for contributions during staff meetings, you can easily share or utilise the many course resources in a presentation. These include:

  • lists of resources from the course,
  • links to good practice videos where school leaders share their own experiences and
  • links to skills-based tutorial videos. 

You can also share or print out pages 2-3 of our Leading Digital Learning leaftet and post it on your staff noticeboard to stimulate interest in digital learning. The leaflet has QR codes for easy access to key digital learning resources.

Continuing the journey of leading digital learning

An opportunity exists within the course to make connections with school leaders and teachers from other schools, for inspiration, discussion or potential future in-person connections. Participants are also encouraged to take their digital learning journey further once the course is completed. It is an ongoing journey after all.

Remember, as with other Oide supports, the course is free of charge.  

View the course description and enrol with your Scoilnet account here

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