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Digital Learning Framework and Planning Resources for Post-Primary Schools

Digital Learning Planning Guidelines
The Digital Learning Planning Guidelines outlines the process of planning for Digital Learning in your school. It details the six step process that will shape your school’s Digital Learning plan and describes a number of ways that the Digital Learning Framework can be implemented by your school.  An online course from PDST Technology in Education, Developing a Digital Learning Plan for your School, is available to assist you with this process.

Digital Learning Framework
The Digital Learning Framework has been developed to assist schools in effectively embedding digital technologies into teaching and learning. It provides clarity for school leaders and education providers in how to create a shared vision for how technology can best can meet the needs of all learners.

Video Exemplars
In the Good Practice section of this website you will find videos of teachers integrating digital technologies in their classrooms, as well as interviews with students, teachers, principals and ICT co-ordinating teachers about digital technology in their schools. These videos have been aligned with the Standards in the Digital Learning Framework as exemplars to use and share with colleagues when working on a particular section of the Digital Learning Framework.

Visit the DL Planning website to access an interactive version of the Digital Learning Framework along with videos mapping to the standards and statements of each domain of the DLF.

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