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Engaging in a Digital Cross-curricular Project

Video Overview

Teacher Michelle Brady at Our Lady of Victories Boys’ National School describes how she uses a mix of digital and physical resources to engage pupils in content in a variety of different ways, exploring content creation tools and working collaboratively in a cross-curricular project space.


Pupils use content creation tools of their choice to showcase their cross curricular learning on History, Geography and Art lessons on Egypt and Ancient Egypt. The pupils undertook a design challenge to design and build their own pyramids of Giza with the criteria that they had to be able to see inside it. This project approach saw the pupils choose the media they were going to use, researching their task through VR, podcasts and online exploration before then designing and building their models and finally, reflecting on the whole learning experience.

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Digital Learning Framework

This video supports the following statements of the Digital Learning Framework (DLF):

Teaching & Learning (1 Learner Outcomes)

  • 1 Statement: Pupils use appropriate digital technologies to foster active, creative and critical engagement in attaining challenging learning outcomes.

Teaching & Learning (2. Learner Experiences)

  • 1 Standard: Pupils engage purposefully in meaningful learning activities
    Pupils use digital technologies for sourcing, exchanging of information to develop understanding and support basic knowledge creation.

Visit DL Planning to explore what other areas of the DLF are supported in this video, and to help you to plan for digital learning in your class.

, Bunscoileanna, Assessment/Assessment Tools, Coding, Collaboration, Computational Thinking, Content Creation, Online Resources, STEM

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