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How we use video to connect and communicate

Video Overview

Ken Molloy, Talbot Senior National School, describes how he uses video to enable students to connect and communicate with their school community.


A teacher describes how technology is used for effective school communication. Parents and pupils are kept up to date via the school vlog. Hardware needed to produce the vlog includes iPads, tripods, microphones and a green screen set up. Virtual backgrounds are created using AdobeSpark and edited in iMovie. Music is added from

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Video tutorials

The following short tutorials will show you how to use apps featured in the video:

Digital Learning Framework

This video supports the following statements of the Digital Learning Framework (DLF):

Teaching & Learning (1. Learner Outcomes)

  • 1.1 Pupils use appropriate digital technologies to foster active, creative and critical engagement in attaining challenging learning outcomes.

Teaching & Learning (3. Teachers’ Individual Practice)

  • 3.3 The teacher selects and uses teaching approaches appropriate to the learning objective and to pupils’ learning needs.

Teachers are aware of, and purposefully use, a range of digital technologies appropriate to the learning objectives and learning needs of their pupils when designing learning activities.

Visit DL Planning to explore what other areas of the DLF are supported in this video, and to help you to plan for digital learning in your class.

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