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Using ICT in Science

Video Overview

Science Teacher talks about the use of ICT in their classroom. In groups, the class had to conduct research. They were provided with QR codes (linking to videos) and websites. Each group then presented on PowerPoint, PicCollage or MindMap. She explains how her class are very engaged when ICT is used.


1st year Biology pupils use iPads and QR codes, linked to videos, to discover new information. Pupils work in groups to discover new information about the signs of life and are all assigned a role. They are then given time to showcase their work on Powerpoint, Pic collage or MindMap. The teacher uploads ‘Kitchen Science’ to the school platform which allows the learning to continue at home.

Courses that you might be interested in

Video tutorials

The following short tutorials will show you how to use apps featured in the video:

Digital Learning Framework

This video supports the following statements of the Digital Learning Framework (DLF):

Teaching & Learning (1. Learner Outcomes)

  • 1.1 Pupils use appropriate digital technologies to foster active, creative and critical engagement in attaining challenging learning outcomes.

Teaching & Learning (3. Teachers’ Individual Practice)

  • 3.2 The teacher selects and uses planning, preparation and assessment practices that progress pupils’ learning.
  • Teachers use appropriate digital technologies to design learning activities that facilitate personalised and differentiated learning.
  • Teachers use appropriate digital technologies to design complex, real-world problems and structure them in a way that incorporates key subject matter concepts.

Visit DL Planning to explore what other areas of the DLF are supported in this video, and to help you to plan for digital learning in your class.

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