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Robotics and Coding with the WEAVE Project

Video Overview

Teachers and pupils from Our Lady of Victories Boys’ National School describe their participation in the WEAVE project both from a staff and pupils’ perspective, highlighting the cross curricular links and intrapersonal skill benefits from taking part.


Principal Róisín Hickey outlines the staff engagement and training as well as student workshops provided as part of this project. The WEAVE project is described as an integrated approach to teaching several different topics within the school’s local community. Problem-solving is at the core of this project, offering multimedia participation with cross curricular links pupils engaged in coding, Minecraft, physical mock ups and using Lego Spike kits. They created solutions, designed, and presented them. Communication, collaboration, creative thinking, problem solving, teamwork were all skills developed through participation in this project.

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Digital Learning Framework

This video supports the following statements of the Digital Learning Framework (DLF):

Teaching & Learning (1 Learner Outcomes)

  • 1 Statement: Pupils use appropriate digital technologies to foster active, creative and critical engagement in attaining challenging learning outcomes.

Teaching & Learning (2. Learner Experiences)

  • 1 Standard: Pupils engage purposefully in meaningful learning activities
    Pupils use digital technologies for sourcing, exchanging of information to develop understanding and support basic knowledge creation.

Visit DL Planning to explore what other areas of the DLF are supported in this video, and to help you to plan for digital learning in your class.

, Bunscoileanna, Coding, Collaboration, Computational Thinking, Content Creation, Online Resources, STEM

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