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1st April 2024: €79M in funding to support digital learning in schools and minor building works.

The Minister for Education has today announced €79 million in funding to support digital learning in schools and minor building works. €50 million in grant funding for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) will issue shortly to all recognised primary and post-primary schools, while a separate €29 million in minor works funding is being provided to primary and special schools.

The Press Release is available here:

The Circular (0039/2024) is available here:

These grants will issue automatically to all schools in April.

The ICT funding is being provided to schools to help them continue to use digital technologies in their teaching, learning and assessment, while the minor works funding can be used by these schools for maintenance and small-scale improvements to school buildings and grounds. The €50 million ICT grant represents the second tranche of ICT funding under the Digital Strategy for Schools to 2027. Schools previously received €50m in ICT grant funding for the 2021 to 2022 school year.

The Digital Strategy ICT grant will consist of a €2,000 basic grant for primary schools plus an additional payment of €39 per mainstream pupil, €43 per pupil in DEIS schools and €47 per pupil with special needs attending a special school or attending a special class attached to a mainstream primary school. For example, a 100 pupil-primary school will receive €5,973 and a 500 pupil- primary school will receive €21,865.

Post-primary schools will be paid a €2,000 basic grant plus €47 per mainstream student and €52 per student in DEIS schools. A 500 student- post-primary school would receive €25,840 and a 1,000 student-post-primary school would receive €49,680.

Fee-charging schools receive funding at a rate of 50 per cent rate. €1,000 lump sum and €23 per capita.

This funding is the second tranche of the overall package of funding (€200m) for ICT infrastructure as provided for under the Digital Strategy for Schools to 2027. This ICT grant builds on the €210m already allocated under the previous Digital Strategy for Schools 2015-2020, and the €50m issued under Ireland’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan to enable schools to support learners at risk of education disadvantage through the digital divide.

Arrangements are also being made for the payment of €29 million in Minor Works grants to primary schools and special schools. This will support the operation of the primary schools for the forthcoming 2024/25 school year. The lead-in period ahead of the new school year will give schools good time to consider plans and priorities for use of the funding.

Digital Learning Planning

Information on Digital Learning Planning for schools can be found at which has been developed to support schools to embed digital technologies into teaching, learning and assessment.

ICT Guidance and information

Guidance on Digital Technology Infrastructure (DTI) can be found here:

If schools have specific queries in relation to DTI these can be emailed to

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