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This section provides guidance in relation to Digital Technology Infrastructure (DTI) for schools that are in the process of building a new school, adding a new section to their existing school or adding one or more classrooms. Planning ahead is essential. Schools that are building in a new location should use the following full checklist as a guide, whereas schools involved in smaller building programmes should review the relevant aspects that apply to their situation. This guidance aims to streamline the transition process and ensure a seamless DTI integration into the new school environment.

School Broadband: To ensure that a broadband connection will be in place in the new school location it is critical that schools contact the Schools Broadband Service Desk at least 9 months before the planned move to ensure a smooth transition of the broadband connection and other DTI in the new building. The Service Desk can be contacted at: or at 1800 33 44 66.

Working with the Building Unit: In working with the DE Building Unit (BU) it is essential that schools clarify the level of funding that will be provided to the school. The school needs to also seek clarification on any requirements the BU have in terms of how DTI equipment is to be procured/purchased. For example, schools should clarify with the BU if they plan to use existing procurement frameworks. Also they should seek clarification that where suitable procurement frameworks don’t exist, if it is sufficient to seek 3 written quotes for DTI equipment. In summary, clarify what procurement related information/documentation the BU will require before they will release the relevant DTI funding to the school.

Guidance from Oide Technology in Education: We recommend that you contact us during the Design Stage 1 of the build planning process to discuss what you hope to acheive in terms of DTI in the new school. We’d be happy to provide details of the services we can provide to help make the process as simple as possible for schools.

Support from DTI Service Providers: Moving to a new school is a significant project which requires detailed planning. It is essential that the school has one or more DTI service providers/technical support providers in place to support all the technical aspects of moving to a new school building. Providers that are successful in the tendering process to provide and install equipment will be key to having a successful transition process in moving to the new location.

Networking and Wi-Fi: Working with the successful tendering providers you’ll need to specify a Wi-Fi network to ensure sufficient coverage and data points in classrooms for wireless access points (WAPs). Refer to this link for our Wi-Fi Network Guide and this link for Wireless Technical Guidance for New School Builds.

Telephone System: Working with successful tendering suppliers you’ll need to specify a suitable telephone system in the new building. There are a number of options available including a Voice Over IP (VoIP) system, which may suits your requirements.

What equipment is worth moving: Schools will need to identify if any DTI equipment from the existing building is fit for purpose and could be moved, such as projectors, PCs/laptops/laptop trollies, devices, printers, etc., If some existing equipment is ‘fit for purpose’ and ‘future proofed’ then it may make sense to move it to the new building. However it may also be a great time to decommision DTI equipment which is no longer fit for purpose, such as an old school server, old desktops, laptops, projectors, out of date networking equipment etc.

Network/DTI Equipment Rooms: The school drawings/layout from the DE Building Unit will include some details of the new school network and DTI rooms. The new school building may include a single main communications room or other designated locations for DTI infrastructure. We’re happy to review these drawings with you and to answer any queries you may have.

Cloud Based Platforms: As they are based ‘in the cloud’ the good news is that learning platforms such as Office365/Google Workspace for Education and school administration platforms such as ‘VSware’ or ‘Aladdin’ are not affected by schools moving location. They will continue to work seamlessly before and after the move.

Data and Cybersecurity: Moving school is a great time to plan and review how your school manages data and cybersecurity. Please review our guidance in this area on this link.

Procuring new DTI equipment: Refer to this link on our website for purchasing considerations, details of existing frameworks and technical specifications. Feel free to seek our guidance before finalising your request for tenders, especially in areas such as Networking and Wi-Fi.

Opportunity to review your DTI: Moving schools is a great opportunity to review you ‘Digital Learning Plan’ and to see how it could be improved. For example if you have an school server in your existing building, this is a great opportunity to move those services and associated data storage to the cloud.

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