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We’ve provided a set of links below to resources and online tools to assist schools in providing learners with access to relevant content, classwork and opportunities for enhanced learner engagement. If you need support in this area we’ll be providing ongoing updates on our PDST Distance Learning page, on PDST-TiE Twitter, or you can contact us at

Some of the most popular learning platforms and tools being used by schools in Ireland are Google G Suite for Education (including Google Classroom) or Microsoft Office 365/Teams, Apple, AladdinSchoology, EdmodoSchoolwise, Khan Academy, ZoomIrishHomework, ClassDojoand Seesaw are other online tools / learning platforms used by schools. RTE’s Home School Hub is also great resource for schools and parents.

Here are two articles relevant to online learning: 

G Suite for EducationWith school closures, teachers can keep their lessons going remotely

Microsoft Office365/Teams: How schools can ramp up remote learning programs quickly with Microsoft Teams

Additional Resources:

More tools to support learning

Reliable sources of information

Support links for PDST and PDST Technology in Education:

PDST’s Distance Learning page 

PDST Technology in Education Twitter 

PDST Technology in Education Good Practice Videos

PDST Technology in Education Online Courses

Digital Learning Framework Planning Resources 

Webwise – Internet Safety

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