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Good Practice Videos

  • Creating eBooks in the Classroom

    A class teacher describes how he uses Book Creator to create ebooks. This resource helps to support Literacy, Problem solving, Music and Art in his classroom and created content can be shared on iTunes or the school blog. Royalty free images are sourced using Creative Commons:

    Teaching & Learning, Primary, Assessment/Assessment Tools, Digital Storytelling, Online Resources

  • Using a Green Screen for Visual Arts

    A class teacher describes how he has set up a green screen to create a narrated video in his classroom. Essential resources used include a green sheet hung in the classroom and tablet with the app Green Screen by Do Ink:

    Teaching & Learning, Primary, Content Creation, Digital Storytelling, Digital Video

  • Scratch for Language

    A Junior Infant teacher uses Scratch to support teaching and learning in a multi-grade setting. The teacher includes station teaching as a mode of assessment. Scratch as well as Stop Motion Animation are used as modes of assessment. The senior pupils, in stations, facilitate this work amongst the younger pupils.

    Teaching & Learning, Primary, Multi-grade

  • Using Online Tools for the Writing Process

    A 6th class teacher explains how he uses Google Classroom, Google Drive and Google documents to enhance writing lessons in a multi-grade setting. Pupils work is saved, thus creating a detailed ePortfolio which can be used for assessment.

    Teaching & Learning, Primary, Assessment/Assessment Tools, Digital Portfolios, Multi-grade

  • Using Tablets in SESE

    A 1st class teacher describes how his class uses digital resources in SESE for project work. Pupils use Book Creator for procedural writing and Scratch Jnr to code the results of their Science experiment. ICT is used for content creation in the classroom and is a key assessment tool.

    Teaching & Learning, Primary, Coding, Content Creation

  • Digital Video for Gaeilge

    A multigrade class teacher describes how she integrated digital video into a Gaeilge lesson. The pupils use Stop Motion animation to retell a story from their Gaeilge textbook. The teacher used Oide FÍS lessons to support her teaching. Pupils used drawings, paintings and Lego to recreate the story.

    Teaching & Learning, Primary, Assessment/Assessment Tools, Digital Video, Multi-grade

  • ICT in a Multiclass Setting (Cloghans Hill National School)

    A teaching principal outlines how she uses ICT to best support teaching and learning in a one teacher school. She gives an overview of her planning, the school's Bring Your Own Device policy, as well as explaining the ways ICT helps her to integrate, differentiate and assess learning.

    Teaching & Learning, Primary, Assessment/Assessment Tools, Collaboration, Multi-grade

  • Scratch for Music

    A multi-grade class teacher explains how she uses Scratch to support teaching and learning in from Junior to Senior levels. Her senior pupils translate music notation into Scratch code to play songs in the software. This tasks supports differentiation as all pupils can work to their own level.

    Teaching & Learning, Primary, Coding, Multi-grade

  • Tablets in 3rd & 4th Class PE

    A 3rd and 4th class teacher describes using tablets in a PE lesson, focused on Dance. The pupils use an app called Sworkit for their warm up. They use the video function on the tablet to carry out self and peer assessment of FMS (Fundamental Movement Skills).

    Teaching & Learning, Primary, Assessment/Assessment Tools, Multi-grade

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