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Good Practice Videos

  • Technology Supporting Teaching and Learning During Covid-19

    Interview with a school principal, describing how the school has adapted to Covid-19. The principal discusses the benefits and the use of a wide range of digital technologies and platforms to adapt to the current climate without compromising the learning both inside and out of the classroom for students and staff.

    Leadership & Management, Post-primary

  • Digital Portfolios in St Aidan’s SNS

    A school principal describes the school’s involvement in the Digital Portfolios Project, involving sustained support from PDST. The development of the DL Plan was integrated with the implementation plans for the Primary Language Curriculum which led to very positive outcomes for staff and pupils.

    Leadership & Management, Primary

  • Digital Portfolios in Gaelscoil Ros Eo

    A school Principal describes how his school has benefited from the Digital Portfolios Project with the help of PDST support visits and The school has made great progress enhancing their teaching, learning and assessment with digital technologies. (Select cc for English subtitles if required).

    Leadership & Management, Primary

  • Teachers sharing practice and our vision for Digital Portfolios

    John Weir, of St Mary's Parish Primary School, explains how ICT integration works in his school of 1100 pupils. The school has a laptop trolley to share among classes, with additional laptops dispersed among the classrooms and an IWB in each classroom.

    , Primary, Collaboration, Digital Portfolios, Planning/Digital Learning Framework

  • Digital Portfolios Project with 6th Class

    A 6th class teacher explains the benefits of participation in the Digital Portfolios Project and support from an Oide Digital Technologies Professional Learning Leader. The teacher describes a project completed using digital portfolios to plan, research and present a slideshow leading to increased engagement among pupils. 

    Teaching & Learning, Primary, Content Creation, Digital Portfolios

  • Digital Portfolios in 2nd Class

    A 2nd class teacher describes how her school has benefited from the implementation of the Digital Portfolios Project. The school uses various resources to enhance implementation of the Primary Language Curriculum using Chromebooks, collaborative projects and online assessment. (Select cc for English subtitles if required

    Teaching & Learning, Primary, Digital Portfolios

  • Using Minecraft Education in Graphics

    Interview with teacher about the integration of Minecraft into Graphics lessons. He discusses how he makes a link between 3D builds in Minecraft and 2D drawings on paper in his lessons. The students work as a team to complete the challenge and record their process using images and Keynote.

    Teaching & Learning, Post-primary, Assessment/Assessment Tools, Coding, Collaboration, Computational Thinking, Content Creation, Online Resources

  • Using Online Tools for Collaboration

    A 6th class teacher outlines how he uses online tools for group projects. Upon completion they are submitted to Google Classroom or Google Drive for approval by the teacher. The pupils then present their work to the class and are kept as an ePortfolio.

    Teaching & Learning, Primary, Collaboration, Content Creation, Digital Portfolios, Online Resources

  • Using Tablets for Writing in 2nd Class

    A 2nd class teacher describes how he uses tablets to support learning in English using several apps including A+ Spelling, Book Creator and Chatterpix. Other technology described in the video include One Drive to create ePortfolios, Class Manager to view the children's tablets, and Apple TV for assessment.

    Teaching & Learning, Primary, Assessment/Assessment Tools, Online Resources, Primary Language Curriculum

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